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Originally Posted by Sandro View Post
The CD32 is an inferno with A500 games compatibility
I had one long time ago and I sold it quickly because of that
lot of A500 games that works perfect on the A1200 fails on the CD32 and there is no solution
THe best for games is the A1200 + 020 +fast mem or 030 or the A4000/030
That doesn't make much sense to me? Especially when we are talking about WHDLoad which essentially provides compatibility.

Another user mentioned a CDTV which would be considered an A500 with CD Drive and the problem still exists.

I think what Galahad said could be close to what is happening or maybe it is a quirky problem due to the data disk images being broken up while it is being read from the CD and loaded into the RAM.

I suspect when both slaves are rewritten one day the problem will most likely fix itself. I've only experienced it with these two specific games and I have tested over 500 different games at least.

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