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Originally Posted by Jope View Post
Try a normal workbench 1.3 image? Those don't force the screen mode.
ok, I've figured out some more. After I select my images through the Gotek adf selector images, I get garbage on the screen and it hangs. But if I reset my CD32 then, the LED indicator on the Gotek moves to 001 letting me know it mounted my first image and indeed the adf file usually boots.

I get into a lot of cracked intros and can progress through them with a mouse click, but right when they need to load the actual game, they all seem to hang on black screens. I've waited for half an hour to see if they progress, nothing. The green indicator on the Gotek floppy emulator never flashes, indicating the drive isn't being accessed.

What's weird is if I try a workbench ADF file, the thing doesn't load at all. I get the workbench shell telling me to put in disk d0. Same thing happens if I use the official turrican adf images from factor 5's websites.

I'm thinking this might actually be a problem with these loaders and maybe a ram issue with the CD32. Doesn't the presence of a CD drive take up some ram? Does the SX-1 add ram to the machine by default? I've seen, for example, cracked versions of Turrican 2 in 2 adf files. I can load the first, which eventually gets to a black screen before the game begins. However my real, working copy of Turrican 2 came on one single floppy. And if I connect a normal external floppy drive to the CD32, the real turrican 2 floppy works fine.

I guess the next step is to just make an adf image from my real turrican 2 floppy.

Haven't tried on my real A1200. Forgive my inexperience, but what is the keyboard command to soft reboot an Amiga?

Anybody still want to weigh in on this? Could this be general incompatibility between the A1200 and A500?
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