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I just picked up an ACA1232/33 I'm quite pleased with it, I'm making up a Gaming A1200 as I sold quite a few of my Amiga's recently. I also managed to pick up an Indivision AGA MkI tonight so it should make a nice little A1200.

The 1232 seems really quick, the MapRom function is excellent, I'm running OS3.9 and I have the BB2 Updates inside my custom Rom that is Mapped into the ACA so no waiting for the OS to reboot

I don't miss the FPU as it's only used for WHDLoad Games and occasional simple networking (WookieChat/Ibrowse which had non FPU version)

I don't browse the Internet on it really, just Aminet and EAB/Amibay mobile sites.

I must admit for productivity I have other Amiga's here in my collection, I have a couple of A4000's (one maxed out in a Mirage Pro Tower) and 2 A1200 with BPPC's (one in Tower with Mediator & one in Desktop with BVision) but it's much easier just to fire up the 1230 for some WHDLoad gaming!

You could even look for the ACA1230/56, that is pretty damn fast for a 1230! If you end up wanting more maybe a Blizzard 1260 would be a good choice? Along with an Indivision AGA in HighGrafX it's the next best thing to the BPPC/BVision setup at less than half the price

Oh and it'll run happily in a Desktop wedge without the need for vacuum cleaner cooling!

Anyway! Good luck with your project
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