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I have the ACA1232 and I think it's a good little board. You'll only miss the FPU if you do some math-intensive stuff on it like 3D rendering or possible 3D games.
For normal games and WB3.1 stuff there's no need for an FPU.

If you're used to 060 and PPC systems, the 030 CPU will probably feel very slow. I have AWeb on my 1200 and while it does work, it only works for basic web pages, and it is quite slow. Even posting on EAB mobile feels tedious (much faster on my mobile phone).
Thank you demolition, I'll hold off until amigakit get some more back in stock. Ive got my MorphOS machine for the games that require that extra bit of power like nightlong, tho saying that I don't enjoy playing much of that game on MorphOS due to the graphic corruption around Joshua.

When i first started expanding my amiga1200 i started off with a viper 030 and the apollo 040,blizzard 060, 040/160 ppc to the 060/240 and found very little use for the PPC except from nightlong and buggy heretic II.

And the thing I remember most was when i first fitted the viper and was greeted with the game telling me it found the accelerator so i think i'll be happy with it. I don't expect the amiga to fly on the internet but just something i wanted to do and experience but most of it is just as i said above getting files from aminet and emails. But i just wanted to check that the aca1232 would offer something other than memory over a stock amiga with memory expansion board.
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