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Auto-update does not seem to be working for me on Windows 10 - below is the output from the software updater:

Getting list of updates...
Got result, doing calculations...
FS-UAE-Launcher: 4.0.68-master => 4.0.70-master (Windows_x86-64)
Updates are available!
Starting update
Downloading FS-UAE-Launcher_4.0.70-master_Windows_x86-64.tar.xz...
Downloaded 42153092 bytes, verying checksum...
Checksum OK
Extracting FS-UAE-Launcher_4.0.70-master_Windows_x86-64.tar.xz...
Installing update for FS-UAE-Launcher....
Cleaning up...
Update complete, but a restart is required
When I manually restart FS-UAE Launcher, it is still at 4.0.68 and I get the update notification once again. Re-running the auto-update or restarting my computer does not help.

I had originally switched to the 4.0 beta builds by manually replacing stable 3.0.5. Also, this is the first time I am using the auto-updater; previously, I was updating FS-UAE and FS-UAE Launcher manually.
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