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I've been doing some research on this issue. I am also very sad because I couldn't find it's cause.
-No powersaving features in my machines.
-I was wrong. It doesn't happen in A500 quickstart mode. Sorry for the mistake in previous report.
-It happens in 68020, rom 3.1, with or without sound , and "max cpu speed but mantaining chipset timing".
-It happens THE SAME in an ATOM 1.66 machine AND IN A CORE2DUO 2.20 MACHINE! It means the problem is something using 100% cpu resources in ANY processor.

I think I've partially discoveed it's cause: max cpu speed but mantaining chipset timing. This mode is supposed to use 100% host CPU to archieve the highest possible speed in the emulated cpu. Once in a while, Windows will run whatever it has to, and CPU usage goes over 100%, causing those stalls.

IT SHOULD be fixed by setting the "CPU IDLE" slider at 4 or 5, but IT IS NOT. It still happens-. This point makes me worry, as it seems there's something I don't understand about WinUAE configuration! I've been re-reading posts and docs again, but I just don't get it.

So what could be a solution?
Adjustable between cpu and chipsets seems to be a possibility: what setting do you recommend for A1200 emulation?

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