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Super League 2021: Round 13 - Mystery Nominations

Welcome to the Mystery Games Nominations

The super secret process for round 13.
  • Choose up to 3 games you are not very familiar with or have never played and are not well known games.
  • Mystery Round games should ideally have fewer than 75 votes on the Lemon Amiga database, or the game may be deemed too well known.
  • PM your game choices to me, Biscuit.
  • Nominations cannot be changed after submission.
  • Do not tell anyone your choices or post them here.
Deadline: 23:59 (UK Time) on Saturday 25th September 2021

For inspiration you could look at the Lemon Database. A function on the advanced search lets you set a maximum number of votes. Set here at 70. You can narrow it down by other categories. Or look through previous Super League voting threads for games you don't know. Or use the Hall of Light advanced search to see games listed as rare. Or maybe even look through some old magazines.

If you can't think of 3 games you would like to play, that's okay. Submit as many as you can. The more submissions we get from different players, the more interesting the pool of games will be.

Nominations will be revealed for voting on September 26th.

These previously played games cannot be nominated:

2021 R11: Super Cars II
2021 R10: Rodland
2021 R09: Tinyus
2021 R09: Tiny Bobble
2021 R08: CarVup
2021 R07: Qwak
2021 R06: Dyna Blaster
2021 R05: Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge
2021 R05: Pang
2021 R04: Banshee
2021 R03: Switchblade II

2021 R02: Nitro
2021 R01: Super Hang-On
2020 R14: Bolo Mrówkojad
2020 R13: Wings of Death
2020 R13: Desert Strike
2020 R12: World Games
2020 R11: Cannon Fodder
2020 R10: Super Twintris
2020 R10: Soccer Kid
2020 R09: Fightin' Spirit
2020 R08: War Zone (Core Design)

2020 R07: The Spy Who Loved Me
2020 R06: Battle Squadron
2020 R05: Jaguar XJ220
2020 R04: Wizzy's Quest
2020 R04: Jump 'n' Roll
2020 R03: Wolfchild
2020 R02: Turrican
2020 R01: Shadow of the Beast III
2020 R01: Hybris
2019 R14: Trap Runner
2019 R13: Minskies Furballs

2019 R13: Celtic Heart
2019 R12: Pro Tennis Tour 2
2019 R11: Worthy
2019 R10: Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters
2019 R10: Exile
2019 R09: PGA European Tour
2019 R08: Shadow of the Beast II
2019 R07: Treasure Island Dizzy
2019 R06: B.C. Kid
2019 R06: Fire Force
2019 R05: Turrican 3

Super League updates available via Twitter.

Everyone is welcome to vote, play, and chat at anytime.

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