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Originally Posted by YouKnowWho View Post
DE10 NANO is the one I think, because it is simulation not emulation - of many cores. It's super fun. (...)
It is emulation, even more of emulation than PC AT emulation on Amiga using things like A2088/2286 - where application itself run on physical, original x86 chip. You live in misconception emulation = software like UAE. It's not the only emulation around. You can have hardware emulator and MiSTer is such. And part of AGA on Vampire is as well.

Add RTG, flickerfixer, Ethernet, USB - [B]the whole thing reads like an Amiga wet dream
Oh my, really, decent ethernet speed and good usb support a wet dream? Right. RTG is roughly 30 years old now and where exactly do we stand atm? The fastest card supporting Warp3D is basically Voodoo 3 3500 or VooDoo 4 4500. And most of the 3D games using warp3d which you'll run are PC ports anyway. With 2D capabilities of Warp, ZZ, Vampire there isn't all that much use either. It can display fhd on lcd and that's basically it. Few games and workbench screen - there's nothing more. Most of nostalgic games are the ones running on chipset itself which doesn't concern RTG much but has constraint of 2MB available memory (chipram) and also in case of anything that actually use physical amiga chipset (zz, warp) you need scandoubler to send it through hdmi. Yes, yes, there's already fairly inexpensive and fast scaler for A500 based on RPi Zero, that's great. Other than that, if you want integrated solution switching between PAL and RTG - well you've no luck, it's all either pretty expensive solutions or straight up chipset emulation on Vampire (which is also expensive piece of hardware).
You can invest in scart to hdmi converters but those aren't reliable, there are few really working well, you won't have auto switch hdmi sources and there's high input lag making it less appealing.
So 2021 essentials for real amiga owner is hdmi out, scsi.device/ide.device compatible sd/cf/sata controller, usb mouse, joystick, sometimes keyboard (hid, so shouldn't be a problem) and after that rtg, network capabilities, usb mass storage and super ultra hyper CPU core in descending order of importance.
And if I was making a guess what's more promising in the long run I'd say FPGA SoC with ARM cores which could offload operations on things like jpeg, mp3 decoding, mpeg2 video decoding, Warp3D accel (in form of rewritten wazp3d). ZZ has 2 Cortex A9 inside, MiSTer has those as well. Not really used atm. Warp has Cortex M7 which has limited use. Vampire tries to handle everything alone.

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