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Originally Posted by AMike View Post
I already have a few Amigas like this standing around, so I don't understand the excitement, you don't need a Reloaded board for that. If the Reloaded comes, it will be a combination of existing iComp hardware, with a few small, additional features. But the features won't be earth-shattering. When I think of the problems with the first C64 Reloaded, or the Indivision software/product maintenance my expectations are on a very neutral level.

In the meantime, other companies and hobby developers have overtaken icomp.It will become increasingly difficult to sell products in this price range.
I doubt that the board will ever be sold... the developer behind icomp does it for earning money. Years ago he had a kind of monopoly on hardware extensions for classic amigas but that has changed. Now with competition the potential market is certainly much smaller and the chance to get high prices for it is much smaller. That is the main reason.
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