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Originally Posted by grond View Post
And you seriously think there weren't similar problems on the DOS-side of things?
Of course, much more serious problems, which is exactly the reason why MS ditched it. AmigaOs was never ditched by CBM, CBM died before that happened, though it was only a matter of time when that happend. Either of the two.

Nowadays, you can ditch AmigaOs and replace it by something reasonable. Then, while ditching, also replace the outdated chipset. And while at it, the incompatible 68K ISA as it was a dead end.

Voila, you get your PC, or your smartphone, or your linux box, depending on your preference.

You cannot revert history, that's the point. Amiga is a historical artefact, with all its problems. If you try to replace it with something "modern" - well, why don't you just make it modern all the way?

The modern "toy system" or "home computer" is something like a raspi, or your smartphone, or... depending on preference.
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