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Originally Posted by Chucky View Post
eh I might be the reason the reloaded will not happen.. as I as a hobbyproject did a open solution of a A1200 replacementpcb..
You wish! Fortunately, iComp isn't sensitive to "diskheads" and will deliver this project, without knowing details I have high confidence based on their history of doing so.

ReAmiga was cute, but just a reverse engineering for uber-geeks to replace the mobo - irrelevant for the Amiga majority.

iComp with the A1200 RELOADED is doing a whole new board with lovely things on it, not just copy of a board. Plus...and this is important, he has Alice chips and therefore, iCOmp can reach wonderland.. Nude boards are...nude and useless.

Fortunately, you "might" have absolutely zero say on this matter.

If you're contributing - good on you. We'll support it.
If you're trying to put spokes in the wheels - I have enough confidence in iComp to make you completely irrelevant to their ability to deliver the product, just like they delivered the 64 RELOADED.

They aren't flakes over there at iComp!

I bet you it will land around 30th anniversary of A1200 release. That's less than 2 years away.
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