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I approve of this. Considering that Aminet is the most likely to have a lot of the historic public domain and freeware software and still continues to grow. The more sources available the better the chances of it being added to aminet.

Have some of the TOSEC DATs been considered in relation to diskmags, public domain collections, etc. Have these been considered to be included into Aminet?

I recently found some disks that were part of AmAz (Amiga Arizona). Doesn't seem to be any record of these online anywhere. It seems they had a 'Disk of the Month' series that contained useful Public Domain software.

I only found some information on bombjack's website with some PDFs of the physical newsletters. It seems these disks as well as the newsletter were made available at meetings, or could be physically bought from 'Amazing Computers' every month.

Only source I can find with some information on AmAz:

Either way the two ADFs I dumped of these are in the EAB FTP:
Amiga Arizona Disk of The Month #30 (1989)(AmAz!)(PD)
Amiga Arizona Disk of The Month #31 December (1989)(AmAz!)(PD)

Unfortunately, I don't have much background information on this. Also looking through old usenet text files hasn't provided too many clues so far.

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