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Most interesting. I was just adf copying The Jungle disk mag issue IV released at The Party III by Silents, Lemon and Spaceballs 28th December 1993 when I read your post. I'm sure most common and in everybodies collection. I guess that probably falls into your demo grouping and not what you are looking for at this time. Anyway, I'll see what I have that is more suitable and let you know.

Shame that my most rare publication is in paper form. I have a full set of Just Amiga Magazine .. The Worlds Most Black and White Amiga Magazine or JAM.

It has been a project of mine for quite a few months now making copies of all my disks. I am in the process of organising more web space so I can start seriously uploading. I will be uploading another thirty disks to the blog tomorrow. Great fun. I literally have walls of disks so never ending really.

Well done by the way.

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