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well, no such thing for FW ATM, only bin replacement for amiga exe

ScummVM has a disassembler and AFAIR a debugger, so it should be possible to debug FW protection screen. I suspect that the protection fix is hidden in ScummVM code (it is said that all ScummVM titles have been cracked)

Anyway MethodGit I'd like to have the replacement strings for your games. There's a nice Amiga (Aminet) tool called multifr, able to replace hex strings in batch mode in files (in-place).

maybe you could script a bunch of cracks with it...

Edit: info I read somewhere else on EAB but never mind... checked myself in ScummVM code:

globalVars[VAR_MOUSE_Y_POS] = 0;
if (g_cine->getGameType() == Cine::GType_OS) {
globalVars[VAR_MOUSE_X_POS_2ND] = 0;
globalVars[VAR_MOUSE_Y_POS_2ND] = 0;
globalVars[VAR_BYPASS_PROTECTION] = 0; // set to 1 to bypass the copy protection
globalVars[VAR_LOW_MEMORY] = 0; // set to 1 to disable some animations, sounds etc.

looks like you have to recompile scummvm to use a cracked version.

Edit: was lurking in ScummVM code and stumbled on a funny comment:

// WORKAROUND for bug #2054882. Without this, the monks will always
// kill you as an impostor, even if you enter the monastery in disguise.
// TODO: Check whether this might be worked around in some other way
// like setting global variable 255 to 143 in Future Wars (This is
// supposedly what Future Wars checks for from time to time during
// gameplay to verify that copy protection was successfully passed).

This is exactly the bug on the whdload slave with my self-made crack!! now I understand better.

Edit: played with ScummVM code and was able to run most games without protection. Unlike AlexH once said, not all games have copy protection removed BUT so far the only game I cannot pass protection is Goblins 3.
For all others I have a solution. Future Wars is one of them: the CD version has no protection code and runs flawlessly from ScummVM
Using the AUTO00.PRC file from the CD version in the floppy MS-DOS version passes the protection.

Unfortunately I have tried to adapt the AUTO00.PRC file from the CD version to Amiga version in SCUMM and it crashes both ScummVM and WHDLoad. Well, let's keep on searching.

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