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I was down to 2 continues in the end. However, I could only do it because I saw how to finish that damn boss of the shmup stage (in two longplays nobody tried a strategy, all they did was brute force by the way...). And I read about a secret ending so I looked up the way to find that hidden stage (of which I already knew but didn't find it before). I did not use savestates to reload and try anything again but I had to save several times and resume to search the net.

Anyway, the last level with the rising water was horrible, the final boss was alright once you knew the attack patterns. Did lose most of my lives in those two stages, though

I still don't think it is an easy game, it is "normal" as the difficulty in the menu says. In an "easy" game they would have kept everything the same but gave you passwords. The Chaos Engine is far easier - just because of that

PS. did you finish it in one sitting dlfrsilver?
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