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It can be challenging to play through, it's mostly about not having to hit perfect diagonals or quick hand-eye coordination / rattle off lots of shots per second.

Boxx (from clip) seemed to be short but have pretty good level design and not Megaman style.

Treasure Trap (from clip) seems the right tempo, maybe on the slow side.

Got them and will try.

Also looking for puzzles where you can go into "automatic brain mode" sorting and matching (that don't have stress-tempo ending the automatic mode, which is tricky to find). Pot Panic? Was Hatris ever released?

Edit: Played the games
Chip's Challenge - definitely got the most playtime, and I deem it a perfect suggestion Feel free to suggest more like this!

Treasure Trap - unfortunately it navigates with diagonals, and worse yet, stops your character if you don't hit them exactly. Game seems neat otherwise, might work with my best (arcade) joysticks.

Pot Panic - is basically Hatris. Was OK I guess, hard to find a motivator.

Boxx: Framerate makes a grown man cry but the tempo is right and pretty easy, I can play through the 3 and wouldn't mind more like this.

Stormlord: nope. Not even with trainer and joystick and redbull Nice production, but the game itself is bad.

Benefactor: Might work (with button as jump) with some training on the special jumps. But I think I won't have the patience. (Pixel perfect platformers feel very old to me.) Neat game if you like them!

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