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Brain Killer Aminet links changed (and a question about Aminet links)

I'm part of the Aminet team, we're currently cleaning up the game/ tree somewhat (remove duplicates, move files to proper dirs, use speaking filenames where neccessary etc.)

The links for the "Brain Killer" demos have changed:

game/demo/brain.lha -> game/demo/BrainDead.lha
biz/titan/bkiller.lha -> game/demo/BrainKiller.lha

There will probably be a lot more changes that affect HOL. I don't see a way to find all HOL entries that link to Aminet, perhaps somebody with DB access could create a list of all entries where the "Notes" field contains "Aminet" for me? Granted, I could scan our logs for the referrer "", but the easier solution looks like a lot less work (for me, at least )
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