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Damien I'm not going to check all your list but there are a lot of titles that only require 512k chip + 512k fast

Titus The Fox, Operation Stealth, Great Courts 2 come to mind

Anyway, on WinUAE, setting 1MB chip doesn't hurt and sometimes games use that extra chip for more sounds, so it's not a requirement, but it doesn't cost a lot either.

I'll assume that since you want to use 2 or more drives that you enabled them in your configurations (why bothering with disk switching on WinUAE when game runs with AmigaDOS): that eats too much memory on a standard 512/512 configuration on non-OSkiller games, which explains why too many of your configurations require 1MB.

Anyway, I'm not trying to be the one who's right. But this 1MB chip thing surprises me a lot.
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