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Originally Posted by dreamkatcha View Post
durable non-microswitched

Those two things don't go together!

Non microswitched connectors wear out quickly.

Microswitched ones wear out, but, can be easily swapped out for new ones, so you don't need to throw away the whole joystick.

Arcade machines had a few different kind of switches, but microswitches are the most common.

The JP designed ones don't click quite so badly, but then, the button itself makes the noise, rather than the switch.

You could also look at leaf switches but they're huge, by comparison, and far too spongy feeling in use for my taste.

Maybe a JP style Sanwa switch, with a rubber O ring around the joystick plastic to dampen the sound. No clue if that's even possible, really.

They do something similar with keyboard microswitches to change the sound and the key travel distance.
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