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Towers (Warning, long shot and long post)

Ok I know this is a long long long shot. And as with all my posts it seems I can't stop talking so why not start from the beginning.

Back a good bit of time ago I played a shareware game called Towers. It was a sort of puzzle game. The aim was simple enough, you had tetris like blocks you needed to place on a surface. When you had finished what you could you pressed a key and moved one level up. What you had placed below became your building surface now. Thus every level you'd lose some space to build on what with holes and everything. The aim was simply to get as high a tower as possible.

This game was on the PC but I'm hoping someone can let me in if it exists for the Amiga. The reason I'm asking this stupid question is that I borrowed the shareware disk from the library which they had in a series. Several other of the games (here among Boppin) I later found were also made on the Amiga.

So simple question. Does it exist? And can anyone help me get it if it does?
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