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Originally Posted by solarmon View Post
FlashFloppy supports ADF and HFE images, among others, but these two are relevant for Amiga.

If an SCP or IPF image is of an AmigaDOS disk, then you can convert to ADF. Otherwise convert to HFE v3.

FF v3.25 is the latest version. You can check for the latest version at the following location, along with release notes for it:
Ah right thanks. How will i know if the .SCP or .IPF is AmigaDOS or other in order to know if I can convert them? Is there a rule of thumb when to convert to .ADF or .HFE v3?

Also, Do I just use HxC to convert to .HFE v3 considering that says it's "experimental"? or is that another use for washing files through linux?

Also, can you save games using a GOTEK? Pinball Dreams, Fantasies, Cannon Fodder etc?

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