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...I'm back on to "Project Gotek" again.

My power and data cables arrived, and i've now installed the hardware into the Amiga in place of my floppy drive.

My god is it a tight squeeze! I had to adjust the coloured LEDs and even use pliers on the USB slot to bend the outer edges a bit to allow the case to fit back into place properly, but i managed it. I've had a quick power up test of it with and without a USB stick in place.

It is indeed already flashed with FlashFloppy V3.25. Is that the latest? If not, what advantages do any later revisions bring?

So am I right, i think someone said this thing only works with .ADF images, is that right?

If so:

Can i convert other image type (.SCP, .IPF etc) into .ADF and put them in a GOTEK and have them work?

Or is it a case that I have to hunt down cracked copies of my imaged disks instead where I haven't done so already?
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