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Thanks for the reply chaps.

This is the one i bought here:

I asked for the flashfloppy version with oled display.

It says it comes flashed with the latest firmware, but considering it took 6 weeks for me to get this order through from them, and even then they haven't included the power and data ribbon cable i paid for, my confidence of it actually being flashed for me, is nill. Is there a way i can check? I also hope they've actually given me what i need for flashfloppy on the 32GB stick i paid for too....!

Will this do for the USB cable?

For the pins being linked out, is this the pins that would normally be used to connect the Gotek to the motherboard? i.e. the IDE ribbon cable pins on the Gotek board.

I'm guessing then, the 32GB stick that I got with the Gotek from can then be plugged into my laptop and this will hold the software and appropriate firmware to flash down on to the Gotek circuit chips. Navigate to the USB on my laptop and do some clicking? I guess then this means i can just stick it into my laptop now, and take a look at its contents?

If the 64GB stick i bought from Ebay is just storing .ADF game images on it, then i can put this in my laptop now, and have a peruse i guess? Then if i want to, i can add to it straight from my laptop?

I'm now thinking to myself "how trust worthy are these two memory sticks before i put them into my laptop!?"
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