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Gotek USB - What to do?

So if you've seen my other threads, particularly the website review post, you'll know i've ordered a Gotek USB drive for my Amiga A500 (Rev 6).

My order (or should i say, a part of my order since items are missing from the box) arrived today. The Gotek drive was in the box (the ribbon cable and power cable was not). I also ordered a 32GB stick with "flash floppy" firmware (i think that's what it is!?) on it.

Now my question is, what do i do with it?

I have no idea, and there are no instructions with the thing.

Do i put the USB stick into my PC?

I ordered some time ago a pre configured 64GB stick with games on it from Ebay. I've never touched that either. Can that go into my laptop to add more games to it? Or does that only ever go into the Gotek (because if you put it in your laptop, you ruin the formatting of it for working with Amiga ....or something daft?)

I'm taking it I have to load the flash floppy firmware on to the Gotek before i can use it. What's the instruction on how to do that?

As you can tell. I've bought stuff blindly, and i'm hoping for you good people to now guide me.

Thanks (and sorry)
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