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Upgrading 3.0 to 3.1 Amiga 4000

Hi Guys.

This idea was born from the idea of creating a dual booting Amiga 500 1.3/2.04 using the Kickstart ROM switcher from Amikit.

The 2.04 kickstart is out of stock so i thought, why not get a 3.1 chip. Then it occured that i already have a 3.0 chip in my A4000, why not nab the 3.0 in that, dual boot my A500 from 1.3/3.0 and then grab a new 3.1 for my A4000 so i can use CD-Roms and newer OS test installs with "less" hassles (yeah i know i don't NEED to).

Question, can the A4000 kick be pulled from the motherboard and used in an A500, and if so, why does Amikit give me 2 chips if i buy the 3.1 upgrade kit, something baout a U175 and U176, does it need both or do i use one or the other based on .. NTSC/PAL or something? If its the case you need to replace two chips, the a500 rom switcher only accepts one chip right for each rom, so how does that work, the rom switcher says it supports 3.1 so it must work.

Thanks in advance.
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