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Originally Posted by Nobby_UK View Post
"Look out for an additional secret map too,
based on an obscure demo found on Team 17's FTP server. "

The one were the baddies actually looked like a Xenomorph ?
Nope, although that map and the rolling demo map are coming too, its just they use a lot of different textures and I need to finish sprites for the Xenomorphs and stuff, so they're taking a bit longer.

This demo is an even more obscure one, I don't remember it ever being on a coverdisk and hadn't seen it before developing this game. Seems to be much closer to release as it has the graphics and enemies from the final game. The map is a bit simple and seems to be mostly for showing off the engine, but I extended it a bit with some extra rooms and a big final fight. if you're so inclined!

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