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aca 1232?

Hi guys, I've posted this on a few forums as i'm trying to find out which Amiga board is still somewhat active. I only had one reply and i was told to stay away from the ACA due to no FPU but I don't think I have many app's or games that requires an FPU.

About 6 year's ago I had my pride and joy, my power tower A1200, mediator, Bppc060/240 setup. But fell on a few hard times and I needed to get rid of a few bits. So the BPPC and Bvision was the first thing to go, tho I knew I would regret it later on. So once I got myself back on my feet, I decided to try out MorphOS and tho I'm happy ish with it. So i set up fab's great e-uae and got it all working like I wanted but still felt like a empty shell.

So last week I finally dug out my PT Amiga and fitted it all back into its desktop case and found a few other bits I had lying about like a 8mb memory expansion board. Switched it on and instantly felt the love so I downgraded my OS3.9 to 3.1, fitted an internal cd drive got everything working and installed fired up whdload and got a dos error on every game. so changed the jumpers on the memory expansion down to 4 megs and worked fine. So now one happy little camper so to say!

But I've looking at making my Amiga wireless, More for the sake off something I always wanted to do but never got around too even in the ppc form. So as my system is pretty stock I was looking at getting an accelerator for it. So main things I'll be doing on the internet with my Amiga is simply emails and aminet and uploading images to photobucket etc.

So seeing accelerators are at a premium these days, I saw the ACA1232 on amigakit and I was wondering would this be a good option for what I need for now? as it's for the internet things above, whdload, soundtracker and general just messing about! I did think about going down the PPC lines again but the cost involved and the pay off on usefulness isn't worth it to myself so I think the goal this time once I'm sorted is to go 060. So if any members on here can offer advice or tell me what there views/experience on the ACA1232 is I'd be happy.
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