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Music that they should of put in games....

Imagine that back in the day music rights, copyright & royalty payments weren't such a big issue with Amiga games, and also some MP3-beating standard had been invented which would allow many many songs on a basic 880k floppy disk.

What commerical songs (remember they must predate the game) would you like to have seen in games, or think would have been suitable.

I'll start the ball rolling with Paul McCartney's infamous "Frog Song", where else but in Superfrog.

How's about many of David Bowie's "Ziggy" songs such as Space Oddity, Life On Mars? being used in for example Wizball, or Exile.

Jimi Hendrix's Crosstown Traffic would have been great in Lotus, and AC/DC's Highway To Hell would too.

People Are Strange by The Doors would have fitted into many parts of Wierd Dreams.

Operation Wolf/Thunderbolt - Guns & Roses - Welcome To The Jungle

We Gotta Get Outta This Place (The Animals) for the level escape in Alien Breed

Paperboy/BMX Simulator - Queen's Bicycle Race

I'm sure I can think of loads more better ones once I cut back on a few things.....
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