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Non-interlaced screen modes

Hey my buddies,

I remember like a year ago that I managed to run a 640x512 (or something like that) non-interlaced screen mode with my Indivision AGA 1200 perfectly - although today I've tried several monitor drivers from Aminet (Euro72, Multiscan, DBLPal etc).. All of them seem to have big major problems like first scanline skewing, only half screen showing up, mouse cursor disappearing if I move it to the right etc..

Are there any specific non-interlaced / progressive monitor driver that suits an Amiga 1200 PAL + Indivision AGA 1200? I know the amount of bandwidth data is doubled, but I like it much better than interlaced.

I run Workbench 3.1 (ClassicWB) if that is of important information.

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