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The new GoADF release is coming (slowly ) - all the planned functionalities, including the ARexx port, are ready (I'm still working on some ARexx commands), and I'm testing it.

A video preview below, ARexx + GoADF in action.

[ Show youtube player ]

The script in the movie calls the GoADF window on the front of the Workbench (UNICONIFY and GOADFTOFRONT commands), loads the image into GoADF (LOADIMAGE command), checks if the loaded image is a DOS disk and gets a disk label (ISDOSDISK and GETLABEL commands), and then mounts it to the AD0 drive (MOUNT 0 command) and unmounts (UNMOUNT 0) after 10 seconds. Finally, closes GoADF with the QUIT command.

PS. The new release will be ready when it's ready
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