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Fighting Game-style tests

I started doing an experiment on composing on my Amiga 1200 again - feels so good to do this kind of creative stuff on a real Amiga - but the project didn't quite work out, so I forgot about it.

I will probably never finish these 'early tests', but I figured maybe someone else might either be inspired by them or want to use the samples or whatnot, to make their own masterpiece.

These are just a few short tests to outline the 'style' I was kind of considering, for some 'fighting game' or such. I mean, feel free to use these any way you want.

These samples are actuall captured from real OPL2 and SID chips, except the drums, which are a mixture of 'mouth' and 'SID'. The kickdrum comes from a real 8580. If I remember correctly, the tomtoms are captured from a real OPL3, actually.

I just wanted to share these with the world, I don't require anything.. (:
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