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I did a lot of tracking using a german sequencer called Oktalyzer on an Amiga 2000 back in the late 80's. I still remember the demo song with sampled lyrics, "This is the A-mi-gA with eight voices".

It does 8 channels, and lets you disable channels for improved sound quality. I remember a programmer friend of mine called it 'sound channel multiplexing' (or something) at the time. He also said that the playback engine was too CPU intensive and of course the samples I used were too large for the music to be used for anything except live performance. So that's what I did, a few times.

Oktalyzer also had a rudimentary sample editor and MIDI input built in.
Later versions had improved sound quality, graphical improvements to the UI and stability fixes but at the time I only got hold of a demo version - that couldn't save.
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