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Armiga:Horizontal Hold Bars Night Breed Games

Anyone seen this before in the Armiga...? No I have not spelt Amiga wrong, I have a ARMIGA..

I guess its the emulator that doing it but only on the Night Breed games.

Night Breed The Interactive Movie and Action games.

I think I saw it in a emulator along time ago in UAE4all.

Could it be a NTSC PAL thing...? where the emulator see the game as PAL but shows it as NTSC on the screen and then you get horizonal bars across the screen.
If you look at the pictures, it looks like to me thats thats a NTSC signal cause the vertical PAL Screen is shorter, it has a big gap at the bottom of the game screen, the pal screen does not cover the whole of it, that does.

The screen is out sync.

Does anyone know whats causing it..?

NigthBreed The Interactive Movie
Click image for larger version

Name:	armiga nightbreed interative.png
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Night Breed The Action Game
Click image for larger version

Name:	armiga nightbreed action.png
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ID:	73234

Some history: The Armiga is a device that like THEC64 but was handmade, has a 3D printed case with ARMIGA on it and uses a Floppy Disk Drive in it for ripping Floppy Disk copies into ADF files, it uses a Cubieboard2 in it.

The emulator it uses the code is from the Dreamcast version of UAE4All.

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