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[Found: Simulcra] A 3D game with a triangle spaceship in a black grid world

Hi everyone,

I'm desperately looking for a game I played on my Amiga 500 plus. I've been scanning all the Amiga games list I could find without finding it - it's probably there, but I guess I don't remember its name at all.

I don't have a lot of details : I just remember that you were driving in a full 3D world (3rd person view) a sort of triangular spaceship (like the size of a tank), which was actually most of the time on the ground, but sometimes you could spread your wings and fly around.

You had some ennemies you had to shoot, I don't remember much about that, except that there were a lot of towers.

The world around was mostly black, with the polygones being simply white if I remember well. The ground was a simple grid of little squares, delimited in pretty narrow areas, the rest of the world being just black and inaccessible unless you took off. Don't remember what happened if you fell in the black areas though.

I know this is really not a precise description, I don't even remember what the goal was (except shooting the ennemies), I guess you had to access some zone to exit a level. I remember it was pretty hard and long, but I was young so maybe I just sucked I think there was no saving system.

Well that's it... I hope this will be enough for some of you to understand what I'm talking about... I'm getting really desperate !

Thanks in advance for your help !
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