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Hi Toni, I keep having problems with the internal debugger.
The hung at SHIFT-F12 is no longer here, but there are other little things that do not works like they should.
It seems that in some cases the watchpoints (w x command, with x>0) are not respected, or certain breakpoints are not triggered.
I cannot give you precise details because everything happens in a seldom/random way.
It seems to happen often after completely changing configuration without closing and restarting WinUAE (yes, 'Restart' menu button change nothing).
Sometimes you have to shut down WinUAE because you can not get out of a HALTx situation in any way.

Can be somehow still related to STOP update?
I find myself using 3.x versions to avoid all this...
I know I did not helped you much, I'm sorry

However a problem always manifests itself: simple f command (stop at bootblock code init) no longer works.

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