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FS: Misc stuff

Make me an offer for the following...
(Please.. need money.. lol)

1x Squirrel SCSI PCMCIA card - No driver disk
20x WD200 20GB Western Digital IDE Hard Drives
Many ATI Rage 128 Pros
1x Rev 2B A1200 motherboard (I'd rather not sell this, but I need the cash)
1x 256MB stick of PC 133 DIMM RAM

5x SCSI III internal hard drive caddys with drives of unknown size/state
1x 36.7GB IBM Ultrastar SCSI III Hard Drive
1x 9GB Fujitsu MAE3091LP SCSI III Hard Drive
1X 9.1gb fUJITSU MAB3091SP SCSI III Hard Drive
(Note: All SCSI III drives have the HD68 connector on them)

1x Buffalo AirStation G54 wireless access point and cable/DSL router (Please note, no inbuilt modem, so to use it as a router you'll have to have an ethernet based modem) - Never used, still in box, shrink wrapped

1x Netgear PCMCIA wireless 54G card (PC only) - Never used, still in box, shrink wrapped


2x P560S "PC on a card"
It can take up to a 233MHz Intel or AMD processor... (Mine are either 166, 200 or 233)
It's PCI and ISA
SIS PCI chipset
Up to 256MB SIMM RAM
Adaptec Ultra Wide SCSI (AIC 7880)
Socket for a "DiskOnChip" (Up to 24MB) (No "DiskOnChip" included)
UDMA 33 IDE ports
4MB VGA graphics onboard
PS/2 Connectors
Com1 Connector
Misc headers
Apparently able to drive up to 20 ISA cards
I can also include an ISA board for it if you don't want to put it in an A2000 or anything..
Please note: it is NOT a busboard or emulator card, it's a real PC on a card and in no way interfaces with the amiga

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