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Originally Posted by jbl007 View Post
The launcher's Makefile doesn't provide an install target - so far, so bad. So I have to use it "in-place" which works, but it doesn't find fs-uae.
@Frode: Please allow the system installed fs-uae to be used:
This is on purpose, to maintenance burden when structure changes might still happen, I haven't made it system-installable yet. Will be fixed later of course. Also made a note "For packagers" in the initial post.

If you're compiling your own version, you can just put the fs-uae and fs-uae-launcher directories side-by-side, and ./fs-uae-launcher should find ./../fs-uae/fs-uae automatically. I'm not keen on letting it find the system executable right now, to avoid unintentional issues (for example, if the new v4 fs-uae-launcher finds the old v3 fs-uae-device-helper). But it should of course be possible later. But maybe via an option to make it explicit (because if you're not using the "system fs-uae-launcher" it might be a bug/problem if it does not find "fs-uae" in a plugin).

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