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Originally Posted by Leffmann View Post
I'm trying to get FS-UAE to stop using floppy overlays, which are now stored as part of the save states, but it always keeps both the save states and overlays, and never updates my ADFs. I've added these lines to my config:
writable_floppy_images = 1
This should work according to the docs, or am I missing something here? I've attached all log files.
Yes, and no. This option does indeed work, for FS-UAE itself. But using it with FS-UAE Launcher will have less of an effect, since FS-UAE Launcher also currently extracts/copies disk images to a temporary directory before launching FS-UAE. So the net effect is that floppy overlays are not used, but instead, modified .adf files are saved in the state dir instead.

I'll have to either make FS-UAE Launcher respect writable_floppy_images too, and behave differently if set, or do something else to support this use case. I'll think on what's the best way to proceed...

Originally Posted by Leffmann View Post
Also, using 800% and turbo speed floppy emulation causes occasional read/write errors on ADF images. Not sure if anything above 100% is supposed to work flawlessly, but since it's not pointed out in the docs..
Only 100% is supported, other speeds may or may not work depending on the game. The online docs are updated.

Originally Posted by lesta_smsc View Post
Just realised that FS-UAE notifies of update! Thank you! Hmmm the latest development series fails to recognise my old settings.
You must run a simple file re-scan in order for database entries to reappear, the database schema was updated in the development version and there is no automatic database migration. Oh, and keep in mind going forward not to use the stable thread for devel-version issues, or people might get confused

EDIT: Yes, I see from the screens that other settings are missing. Perhaps you downloaded the portable version? That version will use its own settings file... to keep it portable...
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