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Originally Posted by Romanujan View Post
I think this is a great piece of software (I especially like the GUI), but there are, unfortunately, some WinUAE features I miss in FS-UAE
Hi, the features you are requesting can of course be useful, but for most users, the existing configuration / launcher GUI is sufficient (CPU/FPU type is automatically set from Amiga model, etc).

To cater for advanced needs - when you need to create a custom setup, FS-UAE allows to specify uae options directly (just prefix them with uae_).

So for example, to enable Akiko functionality, something like:
uae_cd32c2p = true
uae_cd32cd = true
uae_cd32nvram = true
(may perhaps need other options as well, haven't tested).

Likewise, you can use uae_cpu_model, uae_fpu_model and uae_mmu_model, etc. The values are the same as they are in WinUAE configuration files.

AHI sound is not supported yet, and there's no immediate plan to implement it since the current audio code in FS-UAE is not suited for AHI.

About "Wazp3D soft3d support" - After some quick googling, it seems this uses an extension feature in WinUAE where Amiga-side software communicates with a native DLL through WinUAE. This is not implemented in FS-UAE (and neither is it planned).
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