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Originally Posted by switchblade View Post
I'm assuming you're talking about the American market? Because the American market is way different from the European market. And, of course, we have much more disposable income than you guys do.

Desktop, Animation and Studio use? Apple already took over that market
1980s were all about the NES, and maybe the Commodore 64 to a lesser extent. But by the 1990s, it was all about Nintendo, Sega and PC's
fair enough from an American perspective. Disposable income has a lot to do with it. You have more still, and even more then!

To my knowledge, Apple did not have a dominant position in animation, 3D or otherwise. TV studios all over the world used Amiga's, and many 2D and 3D houses also. From babylon5, seaquest to jurassic park, there were Amigas involved. NeXT and XGi were the real heavyweights. Also, Amiga was very dominant over here for games production. I don't know of many euro megadrive/snes games that did not have the art work drawn on an Amiga.

Again, from a euro perspective, Nintendo sega and PC did not become dominant until 1993 or so. You can see their creeping influence in mags of the era. commodores woes, and the undernourished A1200 were responsible for that, it was not inevitable (although I expect we would still have seen a slower decline). The late '80's was all about the ST and Amiga. The early nineties belonged to the Amiga in euroland.
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