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It's a very good question.
Personally...I think it was doomed from the moment Commodore got hold of it.
If they had marketed it at the home in '85, not '87, then perhaps it could have entrenched itself.
I think the hardware and OS sold themselves early on, and it was very dominant in Europe, some of our cousins across the pond don't realise how massive the Amiga was over here.
But really, the writing was on the wall before AGA and the death of Commodore, I think.

I have a stack of ACE magazines next to me, from 1988 to 1992. The Amiga and ST slowly get relegated by SNES, Megadrive and PC. And yet, I feel if the A1200 had been a lot stronger, there was room for a middleground:
Megadrive was £200 with no games, games £40 a pop.
Snes was £300 games the same between £45 and £60!
And PC was about £1200 for a vga 386.
A decent £400 home computer could have held it's own ...perhaps.
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