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Originally Posted by Paul_s View Post
Alas, I don't think AAA could have saved Amiga either as the PC was starting to gather hold and with the console market hotting up/developers fleeing the Amiga after the speculation it was going down the pan everything just dried up.
Yeah consoles were perhaps the other aspect of the death of the 'home computer'. Once consoles became socially acceptable for anyone other than teenage boys - and the PSX was probably the beginning of this trend, again in the mid-90s - it became pretty commonplace to have a console in your house for the games, and a Windows PC for 'serious stuff': a trend which continues today (PC games as I understand it have always sold a fraction of the numbers of console games).

So there was no future for home computers = no future for Amigas. Didn't matter what Commodore did (or didn't do). Yes they were crap, but even if they were awesome, the same outcome was inevitable.
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