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I own myself a pi400 and love the concept. The machine is very nice and powerful (relative to price). I also tried longly Pimiga, among others. But, sorry to say, i dont think it s a reason you always jump on vampire threads with only goal to discredit it and promote each time another product (was same with terriblefire, then pi stuff, etc...). I think it is quite hijacking method. However yes V4 price is not something that anybody can buy for sure (myself i could not). Package contains though lots of ready to go items, v4+, dedicated case, cf adapter, cf preinstalled, power charger, usb joypad, kb, mouse, mousepad, and little other goodies. Also as i can compare the 2 machines, for now, let me tell that uae arm is more compatible than v4 aga for now (some wip work on the go), but feels much slower, out of jit. Playing 50fps games on both, the feeling is much better on v4.
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