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Originally Posted by Valken View Post
I just had a look at this... Ah VERY COOL but its the same price as an XBOX X, PS5 without controllers!
Well, manufacturing quantities are a tad smaller than XBOX and PS, hence, the prices are higher.

USB - is this 2.0 or 3.x?
This is not full USB but a USB connector that takes mice, keyboards and game pads and makes them appear as Amiga mice, keyboards and joysticks. Since all these device are slow devices, it doesn't matter what physical transfer speed the port supports. This is not for mass storage media etc.

Ethernet - 10 or 100 Mbit?
100 MBit/s.

SAGA with RTG - what are the display modes supported? It's not on the poster!
Depending on the core up to 1920x1080 in 24 Hz. The bottle neck really is the physical output, not the DMA speed. Recent dev cores use one fixed physical output mode and scale all Amiga and RTG modes into that one physical mode so that you can change the resolution on-screen and instantly switch between Amiga and RTG modes, no monitor synching. Of course, this means that the number of available resolutions is limited to a meaningful subset. This is due to the intended unification of AGA and RTG to become SAGA. The idea is to have chunky screens provided through the same mechanisms as traditional Amiga screen modes which means that e.g. copper effects are available on chunky screens, hardware scrolling in chunky screens, sprites on chunky screens, mixing planar and chunky modes on the same physical output etc. This requires to drop some of the options that traditional RTG provided.
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