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Originally Posted by mc68060 View Post
@Foebane: Don't know Puggsy? How dare you!!!
Well, the Amiga was host to DOZENS of cutesy or just plain cartoon character 2D platformer protagonists, it was hard to know them all, and I just didn't bother, as I've never liked 2D platformers or side-scrolling shooters (another common-as-muck genre on the Amiga). It's funny, but even with my later love of FPS games on PC, I still didn't like the floating platform sections in games like Half-Life, neither.

I think it was because I turned 18 before I got my Amiga 30 years ago, and the last thing I wanted to do was to play games intended for pre-teens, of which the Amiga had way too many. I mean, I can't seriously imagine people of my age then or older playing such things. I think that's why the Demoscene appeals to me so much, as these kids finally put down their joysticks and decided to CREATE rather than just consume - I did a similar thing, but only for games.
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