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Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
Sorry for the delay, but if you're going to do a job you might as well do it properly

The following has now been done; using dlfrsilver's "Evilsdoom [Evil doom v1.9 packaged].zip" as a base:
  • Created a new folder named "EvilsDoom" that also has an icon file.
  • Extracted everything from under the "Evilsdoom" folder from the archive "Evilsdoom [Evil doom v1.9 packaged].zip" --> the new folder "EvilsDoom".
  • Created folders "A - P" under the folder "EvilsDoom/RealSave/SAVES".
  • From a shell, changed into the new folder "EvilsDoom" and ran "protect all #? +rwed".
  • Created icons for "EvilsDoomFAQ.txt" and "GameKeys.ReadMe".
  • Organised the location of "EvilsDoom" folder; selected "Show --> Only Icons", arranged the icons in the folder nicely and then finally took a "Snapshot":

  • LHA'd everything up.
Have now deleted the old archive "Evilsdoom [Evil doom v1.9 packaged].zip" and reuploaded the new one; grab from here
Great work, thanks Damien!
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