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Originally Posted by Muadib View Post
Then the archives should be updated or they are omitted by the decompressor somehow...
Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
Already on it!!!
Sorry for the delay, but if you're going to do a job you might as well do it properly

The following has now been done; using dlfrsilver's "Evilsdoom [Evil doom v1.9 packaged].zip" as a base:
  • Created a new folder named "EvilsDoom" that also has an icon file.
  • Extracted everything from under the "Evilsdoom" folder from the archive "Evilsdoom [Evil doom v1.9 packaged].zip" --> the new folder "EvilsDoom".
  • Created folders "A - P" under the folder "EvilsDoom/RealSave/SAVES".
  • From a shell, changed into the new folder "EvilsDoom" and ran "protect all #? +rwed".
  • Created icons for "EvilsDoomFAQ.txt" and "GameKeys.ReadMe".
  • Organised the location of "EvilsDoom" folder; selected "Show --> Only Icons", arranged the icons in the folder nicely and then finally took a "Snapshot":

  • LHA'd everything up.
Have now deleted the old archive "Evilsdoom [Evil doom v1.9 packaged].zip" and reuploaded the new one; grab from here
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