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Yet another A1200 Tower project

So - as I've discovered over the last four months - getting back into the Amiga scene, but this time round being an Adult with disposable income, is quite good fun!

I already owned a lot of kit, but back when I was buying it there wasn't a lot of spare cash around for me to get exactly what I wanted. This time round however

The current specs:
  • Power Tower
  • Rev 2B A1200 (recapped, all fixes carried out)
  • Blizzard 1260
  • Mediator TX Black
  • Corsair 400W Power Supply
  • SB128 Sound Card
  • Realtek FastEthernet NIC
  • Radeon 9250 Pro
  • Indivision AGA Mk2
  • VGA Switchbox
  • iiyama 19" LCD

I'm sure I've forgotten bits and pieces, but this is all boring text, so here's the nice bit. Pictures:

Finally, a screengrab of my new 1280x1024 workbench

I'll be updating this as I go - as I still have a few plans in the pipeline. Not least of which is a colour change for the rather yellowing Tower!

Any tips/comments/abuse are more than welcome
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