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ClassicWB OS3.9/BB 3+4?

Hey guys,

I have ClassicWB with OS3.9 running on my a4000/mediator setup. I just got a DENEB and was going to begin making a custom rom, when I realized that a lot of people have libs in their custom roms from BB3+4. I just did 1+2 as per the installation instructions for ClassicWB.

By the way - Bloodwych - ClassicWB is a Godsend

Anywho, I was wondering if some folks could share some experiences with me regarding bb3+4? Is it best to install 3+4 before installing ClassicWB, or install those bb's last?

Also, I have a fastata mkv. Is it faster to get a USB -> SATA or something like that and use the DENEB to boot from that drive? Somehow I think that would free up some CPU cycles.

Thanks for all the help!
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