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Problem with pausing when mouse uncaptured

I've noticed (what I think is) a problem with the "pause when mouse uncaptured" option. Testing the 2012-12-06 with Windows Vista.

Run WinUAE and start emulation. Open settings window, click Pri & Extensions. In the When Active section, under Mouse uncaptured: check the Pause emulation checkbox. Click OK to continue emulation. Press middle button to un-capture mouse. Emulation pauses as it should.

Now click the WinUAE button on the taskbar. The emulation window is activated and emulation unpauses, but the mouse is still uncaptured. I think the emulation should remain paused when the user clicks the taskbar, since the mouse remains uncaptured.

Edit: a small pause-related suggestion. When in borderless windowed mode, make the WinUAE system tray icon change when emulation is paused, so there is a visible indication of whether emulation is running.

Edit 2: emulation also resumes with mouse uncaptured if you uncapture the mouse, click a floppy track indicator in the status bar and cancel the file dialog.

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